Wine Run

Lone Goat Vineyard


What are prohibited items to bring?

  • All alcohol – The Wine Run is a licensed event, and alcohol will be available for purchase;
  • Non-alcoholic drinks including juice, soft drinks, sports drinks, and water.  Wine Run will provide water and electrolyte drinks around the route and at the start/finish.  You can bring your drink bottle although it will need to be empty on entry, there will be plenty of drinking cups available;
  • Cutlery;
  • Easy up tents, gazebos, umbrellas and tables;
  • Glass - this includes wine glasses, or any other glass item;
  • Pets (No dogs, cats, rats or mice and definitely not a horse, if you are blind, a guide dog is fine).

There will be a security check at the gate and prohibited items will be confiscated.
CJM’S Events does not take any responsibility for confiscated items.

What Food will be available for purchase?

We will have a wide range of foods available.

Will I need sunblock?

We recommend that everyone brings plenty of sunblock as this is the middle of January and temperatures can get up to 30+ degree. The evening can cool down so please bring plenty of warmer clothes.
Also; if you suffer from hay fever, we recommend that you take an antihistamine before the event.  As the event is held in the vineyard and there is pollen about at this time of year.

Can we go away to our car and come back?

Yes, the car park will be very close to the After Party and entertainment, just a small walk.

Can I get back in alright, if I go to my car?

Yes, we’ll have security on at the entrance.  DO NOT remove your wrist band as this indicates you’re registered for the event and this will allow you back into the After Party.

I’m a Sober Driver, what does this give me?

The pleasure of getting all your mates home safely. To help you, we will provide free non-alcohol drinks all day. If you’re just coming to the After Party and not running, free drinks, if you’re doing the run, you’ll get non-alcoholic drinks throughout the run, no wine tastings though.

How old do I have to be to do Wine Run?

You have to be 18-years of age and have identification showing this on arrival.  No ID no entry, even if you look 70.

Can my family come and watch?

Your family can come and watch if they’re 18-years of age or over, they will have to register with your team as a Spectator and be at the vineyard at the same time as you.

What should I bring?

Identification to get in. Your running shoes and dress up for best dressed competition, sunblock, hat, drivers licence if you're a Sober Driver, maybe a blanket to sit on or wrap up in in the evening, a fold up chair and cash for the food and drinks at the After Party.

Will there be red wine as well as white wine?

Yes; Lone Goat have some awesome wines - both red and white.

Can I order wine and take it with me?

You can make orders; an order form will be in your Event Pack on entry. You can order these, and they will be delivered to you. No wine can be taken from the venue.

What do I get with my Registration?

  • Access to Wine Run;
  • Event number and bracelet;
  • A Finishers Wine Run glass at the finish;
  • Food around the route;
  • Live entertainment;
  • Water and electrolyte drinks;
  • And the most enjoyable wine event you’ve been too. 


This is an R18 event, meaning everyone has to be 18 years of age to take part and to be onsite. Sorry, absolutely no one under the age of 18 will be permitted in the Vineyard for Wine Run.  Proof of age will be required when picking up your Event Pack when entering the Vineyard.